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Top Gifts for Someone With Arthritis

If your senior loved one is experiencing bouts of painful arthritis, it can be difficult to know how to help them without making things worse. You might often be left wondering, how do I help someone with arthritis? Or what do you get someone with arthritis? Have no fear – our experts at Windsor Estates have compiled a list of the top items to consider when shopping for arthritic loved ones (as well as the top 5 items to avoid!) to make your gift-giving a little more manageable.

What Can I Buy for Someone With Arthritis?

When it comes to the top items for your loved one dealing with arthritis, consider the following 4 categories of gifts:

Gifts for Assistance With Walking

Gifts That Aid With Symptom Relief

Gifts Helpful for Issues of Dexterity

  • For safety and security purposes, consider gifting your loved one a set of locks that can be opened with a fingerprint rather than the turn of a key.
  • For help with daily dressing, consider these no-tie shoelaces or, if you’re purchasing clothing, clothes without small buttons or tough zippers.

Gifts to Help With Cooking

For the senior chef or foodie in your life, consider the following:

If all else fails, perhaps the best gift you can give to your senior loved one with arthritis is the gift of your assistance or love. Offer to help them with daily chores around the house or to run errands with or for them. For loved ones who are feeling isolated as a result of their difficulties or pain, offer to spend time with them in a one-on-one setting, which is less stressful for them than in big crowds, or to take them out for a low-key outing.

What Are the Worst Things for Arthritis?

So, now you know some of the top gifts to consider for your loved one with arthritis . . . but what about what not to give them? While any gift is likely appreciated, some of the worst gifts you can give to someone with arthritis include:

  1. Chocolates or other treats that are high in sugar. Food and drinks high in sugar can cause inflammation, leading to painful bouts of arthritis.
  2. Wine or other alcohol. Not only are many alcohols high in sugar (see number 1 above), but they may also interact poorly with your loved one’s pain medications.
  3. Games with many pieces. Thinking of purchasing your loved one a puzzle? Think again, and avoid any games with numerous pieces involved, especially if they’re small!
  4. The wrong type of walking assistance. While we did list walking aids in the previous section as a top category of gifts, you have to do your homework before picking up a cane without a padded handle, or a walker with slippery wheels – make sure you provide a gift that will keep your loved one safe!
  5. Clothing with zippers or small buttons. These can be immensely frustrating for your loved one to try to put on without triggering pain.

The Gift of Care at Windsor Estates

At Windsor Estates of St. Charles, our continuum of care community offers all the assistance your loved one needs to deal with painful bouts of arthritis. If they’re struggling with the activities of daily living (ADLs) due to painful joints, our experienced staff is here to help. From assistance with ambulation, eating, bathing, grooming and dressing to medication management, Windsor Estates offers it all. And, with our focus on rehabilitative services, we can make sure your senior loved one feels safe and that you never have to worry about their care.

Contact us today to learn more about our senior living continuum of care at Windsor Estates of St. Charles in St. Charles, Missouri.